Music Education / Lessons

Our organization provides private music lessons in keyboard, strings, woodwind, brass and percussive instruments.
We engage some of the best music instructors in the field to work with our students.

Our instructors are members of Symphony Orchestras and distinguished music faculty members in music Colleges and Universities. They truly enjoy working with our students as they witness directly the impact and benefits that private music lessons have in improving the musicianship skills and music performing skills of each student.

U.S. Music is currently providing music lessons for the Naval School of Music in Virginia Beach, VA under Contract Number N0018918PG028.

Naval School of Music is the largest and most prestigious military music school in the world today.

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Other Services

Musical Instruments

U.S. Music works closely and directly with manufacturers of musical instruments in U.S., Europe & Asia.Our Company provides top of the line serial and custom made professional & students musical instruments, based on exact specifications our clients have requested.

Musicians & Performing Arts Groups

U.S. Music has extensive experience in coordinating Music Recitals, Music Festivals, Choral Ensembles Performances, Chamber Music Concerts and Theater Productions.

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“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

― Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy